NovaLode Alpha Test Phase Complete

April 2, 2014

NovaLode is a free to play, browser-based MMO, with real-time action presented in an isometric view. Set on a sci-fi world 500 years from now, the game is aimed at 15-45 year olds.

In NovaLode you assume the role of a Prosponaut; a mercenary deep space mining agent willing to put your life on the line in search of the next big pay lode. You are hired by Nautilus Mining Corp. and arrive on a newly discovered planet reportedly rich in rare minerals.

Starting in a subterranean sanctuary, your hunt takes you deep into the mine caverns via enormous drillships, in search of minerals and more. Your experience with fabrication units allows you to craft your minerals into extraordinary equipment and items: goods to complete off-world contracts for money and drones to mine more efficiently. Eventually, you will be able to join forces with other players to excavate and fortify your very own mines.

In your career as a Prosponaut you progress through the Nautilus Corp. ranking system and are able to unlock powerful abilities and bonuses, new technologies, and advanced blueprints.

The mines themselves hold much danger: erratic seismic activity, explosive and toxic rock growths and the deeper you go the more lethal the atmosphere.

As you mine and excavate, you discover and collect artefacts from alien races. No one knows why the races have congregated on this planet and, adding to the mystery, they all bear marks of experimentation. Some artefacts from alien races not known to humanity have inexplicable effects on the Prosponauts – both positive and negative.

With Alpha testing now complete our focus will turn to readying a Beta version for release later this year.